How to find locked objects in an Oracle DB

OracleIn my work I have to load data into Oracle databases very frequently. Doing this kind of operations can lead to locking database objects. A table lock can cause a lot of delays because while a table is locked you can’t delete/insert/update entries in it….

So here’s how to find what objects are locked in a DB. You need sysdba access to run this:

 , a.serial#
 , a.username
 , c.os_user_name
 , a.program
 , a.logon_time
 , a.machine
 , a.terminal
 , b.object_id
 , substr(b.object_name,1,40) object_name
 , DECODE(c.locked_mode,
 1, 'No Lock',
 2, 'Row Share',
 3, 'Row Exclusive',
 4, 'Shared Table',
 5, 'Shared Row Exclusive',
 6, 'Exclusive') locked_mode
from v$session a
 , dba_objects b
 , v$locked_object c
where a.sid = c.session_id
 and b.object_id = c.object_id

And once you have identified the offending session (the one locking the table you are working on), here’s how to kill the session so the table is unlocked:


Of course, you’ll need to substitute “sid” and “serial#” with the information from the first query.

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