How to obtain a list of running oracle scheduler jobs

This was actually given to me by a workmate (thanks Ramón). The SQL is simple and gives you a list of all the Oracle scheduler jobs that are running in the system. select rj.job_name, s.username, s.sid, s.serial#, p.spid, s.lockwait, s.logon_time…

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How to match OS processes to Oracle processes

From time to time I come across the problem of trying to figure out what a particular OS process (PID) is doing in an Oracle database. When monitoring the DB server you can easily discover the processes that are taking…

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How to find locked objects in an Oracle DB

In my work I have to load data into Oracle databases very frequently. Doing this kind of operations can lead to locking database objects. A table lock can cause a lot of delays because while a table is locked you…

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How to print background images in Chrome

I have been fighting with this one for a while. It turns out Google Chrome doesn’t have an option to allow users to select whether they want to print background images (and colors). It just won’t print them (Firefox and…

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How to update the contents of a table with contents of another table

I guess this one’s straight forward for medium/experts, but for me its not trivial. Every time I need to do it I look it up because the solution doesn’t come to my mind. So, the idea is to update a…

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How to get the Oracle version using SQL

I’ve found the following two SQL. I’ve used them both with regular access users (neither sys nor system). select * from v$version and select * from product_component_version  

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Issues with the cron-like function in WordPress

I recently came across this issue in a WordPress installation. My friend’s page ( — a very good Venezuelan based sports page BTW) had become down because of high resource usage in the virtual private server he is using to host…

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How to get a server’s serial number from shell

There are sometimes when we need a box serial number — to open a support trouble ticket, for example — and for some reason we just don’t have it. If the box is in a remote datacenter this can be…

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Simple rotate log script

There are some situations where you have an automatic process that creates a log file. If the process is run on a periodic basis and you don’t add something like a timestamp to the log file name, the log ends…

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How to move all objects in a schema to a different tablespace

There are some situations where you need to move all objects in a schema to a tablespace different to where they are stored. I have faced this when restoring a database coming from a development environment into a production environment….

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